Re-opened our restaurant

Re-opened our restaurant Our dear guests can still find delicious Hungarian dishes in a new outfit on our menu. When preparing foods high priority is the appearance of food when it is presented to the guest. We are sure that they will not be disappointed in the flavors and service. In so far as you would like to go to a good place and eat good one with your family or friends, then you can feel free to choose us. We undertake the conduct of prearranged menu for group meals for 30 people. Next to the new image and menu there is a renewed selection of drinks. Our name is Gold Cellar Restaurant and Brandy House, in this spirit you can get acquainted with the best distillates of Agárd, Árpád and Gyula’s distillers.

Our new menu is ready

We are ready with our restaurant’s menu, which we want to continue our past traditions. We offer traditional Hungarian dishes for our dear guests in our supply. We welcome you in renewed brandy selection with primary products of Agárd, Árpád and Gyula’s distillers.  ...